Generation Z,
who are we?
Gen Z is the demographic group with the mid- to late-1990s
as starting birth years up until today, that goes after Gen Y (Millenials). Members of Generation Z are born in the
era of digital technology and social media and are
proficient in digital world.
Gen Z successors
Greta Thunberg
Sweedish environmental activist on climate change whose campaigning has gained international recognition. She started Fridays For Future - a climate strike held by herself every Friday that later grew into a mass strikes all over the world with millions of participants. "We will be watching you" - Greta said to world leaders at the 2019 UN climate action summit in New York.
Anna K
Ukrainian fashion designer, creator and co-founder of Fashion Coin. At the age of 16, Anna presented her first collection within the Fashion Scout of the Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days. In 2017 became one of FORBES 30UNDER30 List. Anna K pledges for sustainability in fashion and creates a new eco-friendly clothes.
Boyan Slat
Dutch inventor and entrepreneur. A former aerospace engineering student and the CEO of The Ocean Cleanup - the non-profit entity with a mission to develop advanced technologies to rid the world's oceans of plastic. It raised US$2.2 million through a crowd funding campaign with the help of 38,000 donors from 160 countries.