Blockchain of Fashion
Crypto Girl - Designer Anna K Rides Cryptocurrency Wave
Anna K's vision extends beyond the looks and the clothes she produces. The 22-year-old has a clear goal – to overhaul the entire fashion ecosystem. It is something she is already doing and beating out larger players in the fashion industry in the process.
Anna K
Anna K catwalk FW1819
Cryptocurrency and blockchain have been buzzwords in the fashion industry for some time. In fact, at New York Fashion Week in early February the men's shows signalled a greater emphasis on crypto high fashion as it showcased the type of menswear that could possibly be worn by Wall Street wheelers and dealers. Anna K predicted the rise, tipping her own form of cryptocurrency when her crypto-inspired collection was presented some two seasons before larger names were drawn to the cause like moths to a flame.
The Financial Times quoted Belgian designer Raf Simons' runway show as looking like "the inner sanctum of a boiler room, where brokers pitch their clients on penny stocks and digital currencies with a Machiavellian zeal."

Simons' show included slim-fitting three-button suits, topcoats matched with rubber boots and surgical gloves, and finally turtlenecks with slits, some of which were fitted with patches featuring three letters such as XTC and GHB – while these could be said to be drug references "one was just a letter off," from a Bitcoin code, according to the Financial Times.

The murmurs and pitches being bandied by bigger names already have a champion in Anna K a Forbes 30 Under 30 list entrant who announced the pre-launch of her own blockchain and cryptocurrency dubbed Fashion Coin in early September of last year.
With the prescience of a fortune-teller, Anna K could well be justified in saying "I told you so".

She was first off the block(chain) as Vogue reported in September.

As she predicted, it is an inevitability cryptocurrencies will have an impact on the industry as it becomes the de facto business transaction currency in strategic emergent markets, particularly, Africa.

Debuting in Kiev, followed by Paris and Dubai her Spring/Summer 2018 collection prints feature slogans such as "Block is the new Black" and "Fashion Coin for Fashion Icon". It is a ready-to-wear basics collection that underplays the likely magnitude of future shifts in fashion business models. Anna K is both on top of and ahead of the game. Watch this space.