Blockchain of Fashion
Blockchain Fashion Week Takes On Riga
Following its launch in Kiev in February Blockchain Fashion Week (BFW) is now bound for the Latvian capital
From March 19 to 23 Riga Fashion Week will present the latest creations of local and foreign fashion designers to a Latvian and international audience for the 28th time and BFW will become part of the fabric of the event. As with its' debut in February; BFW will encompass the Blockchain Fashion Conference (BFC) and a Fall/Winter collection show by the leading proponent of the project, designer Anna Karenina. BFW will also use the event to recruit brands to the newly launched platform.

On March 20, within the framework of Riga Fashion Week and BFC, an open lecture "Fashion Coin and Blockchain as a New Fashion System" will be held at the K2 Latvian Art Academy, organized by the Baltic Fashion Federation. Lectures in English and Russian will be conducted by fashion industry and blockchain experts from the US and Ukraine.
"Today the digital environment is rapidly developing, and the latest digital technology is used in various business areas, including in the fashion industry," says Elena Strahova, president of the Baltic Fashion Federation. "Blockchain technology and fashion - what can be common the ground for these two, seemingly incompatible concepts? This season, at Riga Fashion Week, we invited the founders of Fashion Coin (Ukraine), who will talk about the idea of using blockchain technology in the fashion industry."

The Baltic Fashion Federation hopes attendees will recognize blockchain as a new fashion system for fashion designers, fashion students, bloggers and other fashion industry professionals and serve everyone who wants to learn more about the new Fashion Coin ecosystem, which is based on peer-to-peer (p2p) principles. The speakers will be three experts in blockchain and fashion: Karenina, designer of the successful Ukrainian brand Anna K, who was included in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2017 as the most successful young designer, and she is the creator of Fashion Coin and the new fashion system (Ukraine); Kazbek Bektursunov, founder of Kiev Fashion Days and CEO of LMG Group (Ukraine), and Eddie Mullon, founder of Fashion GPS and co-founder of Launchmetrics (US).

The main objectives of the lecture are to identify the main problems and crisis points in the existing fashion system, and the presentation of new solutions using the most modern technology in a real sector of the economy - the fashion industry. The lecture will also discuss why the current fashion system is outdated, and what it will acquire with the introduction of Fashion Coin. In addition, the lecturers will talk about a new project - Blockchain Fashion Week, part of which will be Riga Fashion Week, and within which designers will be selected for sales on the Fashion Coin platform.
According to the organizers of Riga Fashion Week, representatives of the Baltic Fashion Federation, the main objectives of the week are; the promotion of designer clothing brands of Latvia and other Baltic countries in foreign markets, positioning of Riga as the fashion capital of the Baltic region and promotion of competitive Latvian design. For more 13 years, Riga Fashion Week has become a launch platform and a significant factor in the success of brands such as One Wolf, Amoralle, Nóló, Katya Katya, NARCISS and many more, by continuing to promote brand recognition on local and international markets every year.

The visual symbol of the upcoming fashion week is a photo by Oleg Zernov (photo assistant Olga Jakovlev), which depicts model Akvile (Star Systems Latvia) wearing a headpiece by Latvian brand Nóló. Akvile was styled by Olga Kolotova. Styling assistant Juliya Verbickaya, makeup artist Viktorija Safronova and makeup artist's assistant Eva Herbona also took part in the creation of the image.
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• The lecture "Fashion Coin and Blockchain as a New Fashion System" will be held on March 20 at the Latvian Art Academy, building K2, Blvd. Kalpaka 13, beginning at 15.00. The lecture will be conducted in Russian and English.
Free admission.