Blockchain of Fashion
Should Fashion Insiders Care About Blockchain?
In short, yes.
Twice per year, in February and then September, insiders and influencers of the industry gather in fashion capitals for catwalk shows and industry-related events. Blockchain a burgeoning industry where tech, finance, and enterprise applications still dominate discussion, is something fashion have yet to fully grasp. However, behind-the-scenes, fashion, beauty, and luxury industry players are becoming more aware of how blockchain can impact their markets.

Blockchain technology provides a transparent and immutable record of transactions. This technology can potentially transform industry models of operating, create brand trust, and reduce resistance in business operations
Why pay attention?

Transactions cannot be modified and can be seen by anyone. This added level of trust and transparency is crucial to fashion brands, who are beginning to see blockchain as holding the most promise for management of supply chains and for consumer engagement regarding product source, serving both as an operational and as a marketing and branding tool.

Blockchain technology has the added benefit of security that will combat counterfeiting and pollution in the fashion, beauty, and accessories industries.

Consumer Engagement and Storytelling

Social media and the surface-level and immediate engagement it offers has inevitably started to dominate fashion at a pace most brands struggle to keep up with, bringing with it social media influencers.

Blockchain technology offers the ability to smaller brands, along with the big names in the industry to tell the story behind each product produced by them transparently and immutably.