Blockchain of Fashion
Cryptocurrency and Blockchain on the Catwalk in Riga
From Paris to Kiev and now the Latvian capital, Riga, 22-year-old designer Anna Karenina with her label Anna K continues to tease the emergence of cryprocurrency and blockchain into the fashion world
Anna K presenting her crypto-inspired FW '18/'19 collection at Riga Fashion Week
Presenting her crypto-inspired FW '18/'19 collection at Riga Fashion Week yesterday (March 21), Karenina continued with her push to integrate blockchain technology fully into the fashion industry ahead of the release of her own cryptocurrency Fashion Coin which will unleashed on the crypto market soon. Karenina not only showcased her designs but took to the runway herself wearing pieces from her collection.

The show follows a conference - "Fashion Coin and Blockchain as a New Fashion System" - that took place within the framework of Riga Fashion Week on March 20 block announcing and explaining the concept of integration of the technology into the fashion industry with industry experts from both fields taking part.

Riga Fashion Week is now part of the Blockchain Fashion Week (BFW) family and is the second week to join following the launch of the concept in Kiev, Ukraine in February.

Riga Fashion Week
concludes tomorrow (March 23). See more photos from the show at Anna K' website