Blockchain of Fashion
Chakshyn – Designer Duo in Demand
Named as Best Designer at the inaugural Blockchain Fashion Week in Kiev in February, the Chakshyn label is fast becoming one to watch in the fashion world.
We sat down with the pair, Dima Chayun and Anton Yakshyn to talk about their journey in the industry so far and where to next
The focus of their brand has remained the same since its inception, creating fashion pieces that are engineered to be innovative and adaptable with details that can be removed or altered to give different looks, dresses that transform from corporate to classy glamor
Their rising pedigree in the fashion industry is not mere luck however. The pair both come from an education in the arts and following that worked from the ground up in fashion learning from other people and their mistakes. Eventually, with the realization they had a solid base of knowledge they decided they were ready to graduate and start their own brand. Three years and only seven collections on Chakshyn are already making a mark. Regularly attracting the attention of Vogue when they present a catwalk show, the label has also been snapped up to be sold in stores in the New York and Paris fashion capitals.

However, it was a single of piece, modern trench coat with a twist, including oversize washing instruction label at the back presented by Alina Gelzina, in New York that first set tongues wagging about their work.

Based in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, the pair are already proving that in a globalized world they can still have an impact at even the most elite level. As they put it, the idea was quickly stolen by another brand. And if imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery it was clear that Chayun and Yakshyn had developed a successful formula.

Another theme that runs through the pieces they design it to take what could be viewed as masculine forms and ideas and adapt them for woman – injecting conservative male ideas and fashion conventions with femininity and a dose of sexiness.

Their latest FW'18/'19 collection which was presented in Kiev explores this theme to its limits taking masculine forms and mixing it with elements as diverse as from 20th century art to the formality of 19th century fashion. Oriental elements also feature such as ancient Chinese porcelain meeting Japanese kimono.

The focus for the future is to keep building the DNA of Chakshyn, creating identifiable visual cues in their creations that make them recognizable while still distinguishable from others.

The pair also has an eye and ear to the future of fashion. The emergence of blockchain has come at a time when people care less about brands and more about the story behind a product. The movement is happening and this designer team is ready to be part of it.