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NKOR Announces Partnership with Fashion Designer Anna K to Add QR Codes to Clothing
Today from London, NKOR, the world's first platform to embed multi-layer index hashing technology on blockchain, announced a partnership with famous fashion designer Anna K.
NKOR is first of its kind system that protects and registers ownership of physical objects on blockchain. For clothes, NKOR is going to issue a unique QR code that can be printed and attached to a label or a similar tag. So it can be scanned by users, checking of its history can be performed on NKOR blockchain, and users can understand it's value, cost and be able to send an order request to its owner using the NKOR app. There will be two types of QR Codes, a regular one for QR scanning applications and a specific NQRC (NKOR QR Code) that can be scanned only with the NKOR app. NKOR strives to make the world fake and counterfeit free.

The information encoded on a QR Code is limitless. In the case of Anna K, it is envisaged the QR codes will be proof of a garment's authenticity and can even be expanded to tracing the origins of the item — from supplier to final manufacturer and distribution.

NKOR is a technology that authenticates data, which is then linked to a transaction on a blockchain via smart contracts, it timestamps it to provide an immutable and publicly readable record of copyright, and prevents the uploading and sharing of the same data by non-licensed entities.

Anna K is the established brand of 22-year-old designer Anna Karenina. In 2012, at 16, Karenina presented her first collection at Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days. From there, her collections would go on to grace catwalks across Europe. Named by Forbes as a '30 under 30' placeholder in 2017, Karenina made the list twice in two categories — 'Youngest' and 'The Arts', her collections have been showcased by the world's leading showrooms including Tomorrow LTD in New York, Paris and Milan, and her lines can be found in dozens of high-end shops in 25 different countries. She is also the driving force behind Fashion Coin, a new cryptocurrency in development that is designed to upend the fashion system. Fashion Coin aims to radically change the fashion industry towards the predominance of licensed clothing from small parties of independent designers. Blockchain will allow for the control of the distribution of each batch of clothes, avoiding fakes. A social network based on the blockchain will give a unique opportunity to capture the entire process of the creation of a collection by the designer and will give them copyright protection, confirmed by AI.

More information at Anna K web site:

NKOR: NKOR offers a new standard for verification and distribution of digital data. NKOR is the first platform in the world to embed groundbreaking multi-layer index hashing technology on blockchain. The NKOR ecosystem enables creators to timestamp and hash their work, cement it in the blockchain, track its usage, benefit from its distribution across the community, and restore control over their copyright and IP.
NKOR is doing ICO on 10th of June 2018.

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