Blockchain of Fashion
Fashion Coin on European Roadshow
On May 14, in Paris, the launch of the project U2Europe took place, a unique event that reinforced the place of Ukraine in Europe. And Fashion coin was part of it.
After becoming an integral part of Blockchain Fashion Week in Kiev in February and going on to be presented in Riga and Minsk. This new cryptocurrency is now being presented across Europe, after Paris, Brussels, Luxemburg, Amsterdam and Berlin in the final of the six capitals it will be presented in Prague from May 28
U2Europe is a project that continues the Blockchain Art Hackathon, the world's first and only hackathon, in which artists gathered with representatives from Ukraine's crypto community, spending an intensive couple of days, during which Ukrainian artists learned what blockchain technology is, where cryptocurrency is used, how to create a cryptocurrency wallet, how to use cryptocurrency and other subtleties and nuances of the crypto-world.

After the seminar, participants were given the opportunity to express their vision of the technology through art, but were limited in time and space: they had a little more than a day to create their works.

As a result, there were 30 artworks - paintings and installations, which made up the Blockchain Art collection. The continuation of the project was U2Europe - the presentation of the collection in Europe.

The first city was Paris. The exhibition in the French capital began on May 14 and lasted 3 days. The location was the famous school 42 (Creative Valley I 42), in which future IT students are trained, and the prototype of which is Kiev's UNIT City (a symbolic move, since the Blockchain Art collection was born in UNIT City).

On the first day, besides the presentation of Ukrainian companies, the opening of Art Fork was held, within which local artists, inspired by the work of Ukrainians, were to create the so-called "fork" art works. On the second day the artists continued working on their pieces, and in parallel, an exhibition of ready-made works was held. On the third day, they presented their results.

The event was opened by Irena Karpa, a well-known Ukrainian singer, writer, TV presenter, journalist, and also the first secretary for the culture of the Ukrainian Embassy in France, who stressed that Kiev is a new big startup hub.

"As an embassy, we support French and Ukrainian cooperation, for example, historical artists - Sophia de Lone and Robert de Lone. I find your project interesting, because you not only unite people from different countries but also unite art and industry. We, as an embassy, fully support the Ukrainian culture - fashion week, cinema and music. If I'm not mistaken, Kiev is now in second place after Lisbon, and I believe that Kiev has become a huge center for start-ups," she said.

During the event partners of Blockchain Art, including Fashion Coin were also presented.