Social Network
New coins are added to the market through the Proof-of-Love protocol
New coins are added to the market through the Proof-of-Love protocol. To do this, a social network based on the blockchain will be launched. The platform will enable users to upload their photos directly through a decentralized network. Coins come to the market from the Fashion Coin Bank thanks to 'likes' and creative photos on the social network. Everyone is rewarded by the bank: a special daemon constantly checks and calculates bonuses for them.

In addition, the social network will contain all the standard functions for this kind of service: photo filters, subscriptions, private messages, user-oriented feed display algorithms. The system of private messages and chats will allow users to make individual orders for items.

The internal messenger will use the most secure protocol to date: Signal, which is based on the advanced principle of end-to-end encryption. Clients of the application will come under iOS and Android platforms, and a web-interface will be developed. To add things to the social network, a VR and AR toolkit will be added. The relevance of delivery of content will be increased through machine learning. In this case, the user's news feed will not be limited only to the circle of their friends.

An important feature of the social network will be support for tracking hyperlinks and cross-links from page to page. This will effectively track traffic and reward its sources in proportion to their contribution directly to the application through transaction of Fashion Coin. The interface for the analysis of cross-link traffic will be implemented directly for mobile clients.

This will open up wide opportunities for attracting micro-bloggers for the promotion of goods. A simple toolkit allows you to measure the real effectiveness of traffic sources and directly encourage the influencer from the creator. The most fashionable and popular influencers/investors will be able to attend closed shows and parties within the Fashion Coin community, and the best will be invited to join the delegates of the Blockchain Fashion Council.

Fashion Coin can be purchased from any application of the ecosystem (sales-platform, investment platform or the social network Proof-of-Love), converting fiat money into cryptocurrency. This will be implemented in a free and accessible form by any means customary for a given country/region. When servicing in special brick-and-mortar fitting rooms, premises and pop-up stores operating with Fashion Coin, holders will be granted additional privileges and discounts.