Mnemonic Pic
As a standard, crypto wallets use a cryptographic pair (public and private keys). Each of the keys is a long number that is difficult to remember and store. Various methods are used to memorize and securely store such a key, most often "Mnemonic Phrase" - 12 English words, based on which you can re-create a private key.

The CO:IN platform and its applications use an original method of creating a pair of keys from a picture. Any graphic file from your smartphone can be such a "Mnemonic Pic."

It must be remembered that the Mnemonic Pic file should not be altered, compressed, cropped, etc. Otherwise, it will not be able to create the same crucial pair again.

Such a file can be stored on a smartphone among other photos so that no one knows about its "special role." To be safe in case of any damage of the smartphone, formatting, and other losses - you need to create copies of this file and place them in safe places.

Safe storage of Mnemonic Pic (выделить отдельно)

Storage on PC device

You can store your photo on your PC.

Storage on USB Flash Drives

  • In order to save a photo on a USB flash drive you need to select the photo you need and transfer it to your drive.
  • Then remove the USB flash drive correctly.
What to do if forgot Mnemonic Pic?
Often users forget or lose their photo, for this you can use the Private Key in case of loss of a mnemonic photo.

Use your private key to restore your Crypto Name. Insert your Private Key in the field for Private Key