Blockchain of Fashion
Money to Burn – 'Bitcoin Boy' – Erik Finman
If there was ever anyone Fashion Coin is a match made in heaven for, its Erik Finman.

When he was 12 years old he decided to turn his grandma's gift of $1000 into 100 units of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. By the time Finman was 15 his initial outlay in Bitcoins had swelled to $100 000.
The teen crypto millionaire has amassed fame almost as quickly as he has built a Bitcoin fortune. Recently celebrating his 19th birthday in the beautiful location of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, he is not living like most kids his age, college is not for him and he avoided it through a bet with his parents that if he made his first million higher education was off the table.

Why would someone like Finman be interested in Fashion Coin? Well some of that money has to be redirected and in the case of Finman it's anything from sharp suits to streetwear.

In a recent GQ article he revealed his love for a excusive streetwear brands – Kanye-designed Yeezys, Adidas Stan Smiths, Bape and of course the edgy Supreme brand.

"I think I'm going to get the Red Octobers. I've been super busy. I've been doing a lot of crypto stuff recently but I do need to get back into it." Finman is buying his favorite brands and rare streetwear for Bitcoin.

"Kids are learning how to invest by picking up streetwear, buying into crypto, accumulating riches, blowing said riches to flex in rare streetwear...And in the process; they're encouraging more retailers to accept the currency."

Erik Finman call us.
Fashion Coin believes the rise of cryptocurrency is unstoppable and it was only a matter of time before the focus turned away from simply generating and trading cash to more specialized niche markets such as fashion.

For fashion looking into the future the next big thing will be decentralization and encouraging new smaller players into the game.

Instead of buying the designer gear from retailers, Generation Z has the opportunity to be part of the creative process literally at their fingertips - investing and crowdfunding brands using a fashion-focused cryptocurrency.

It is when once the full potential of the p2p technology is realized it will become a new world of opportunity. Given that Finman and others see sneakers as a financial investment, for example, connecting designers and small investors via an independent ecosystem and supplying them with a fashion cryptocurrency will force a restart in the industry. There's a huge demand for it, the future is now.