Fashion Wallet is a simple and convenient wallet for FSHN, BTC, ETH cryptocurrency.

It is the first crypto wallet in the world for GEN Z built on the CO:IN blockchain platform and supported by the Crypto Name and Mnemonic Pic technologies.

With Fashion Wallet you can transfer your crypto to friends, pay for goods and services with no commission and giving away your personal data.

The application works only on mobile devices running Android and iOS.
For Android users: In Google Play app search "Fashion Wallet" or open the direct link

For iOS users: Go to App Store and search "Fashion Wallet" or open the direct link (will be specified later after been published by Apple)

Getting started

  1. Run the app and go through start wizard.
    Choose Sign UP to create your own "Crypto Name". Think up name convenient for you (see What is Crypto Name?). If this name is free, the program will prompt you to select a photo as Mnemonic Pic (see What is Mnemonic pic?).
  2. After selecting a photo, the program will create a crypto-pair (private and public keys). Copy the private key and keep it in a safe place (when copying, the private key is copied with the public key as one text). This will help you to open the wallet if you have no original Mnemonic Pic on your hands.
  3. Preparation is over. Now you can get to work.
Your Balance

The main screen of the application is the Balance of your accounts in the supported currencies. (As of 07/01/19, FSHN, BTC, ETH are supported). You can view all incomes or expenses in a scrolled "action" feed.

Coins sending

If you have funds in your wallet, you can send a payment. To do this, click the button

at the bottom of the main screen.

Select the currency to send (FSHN, BTC, ETH).

The sending of FSHN is disclosed below. For the other currencies, additional fields and rules can be added.

In the "Receiver" field, enter your recipient's Crypto Name. You can also find them in the Fashion Wallet address book if they allowed it in their applications (see Why setting your phone number?).

In the next app version, there will be added a feature to scan the Crypto Name via QR-code.

Payments to Fashion Wallet go almost instantly.

Please note: you can't "revoke" the sent payment. The nature of decentralized payments on the blockchain does not imply such an opportunity.


Taping the icon

button will take you to the "Settings" chapter, where the service capabilities of the program are collected.
Crypto Name Information
You can set your phone number and email

Public & PrivateKeys
You can see and copy public and private key for each currency supported by Fashion Wallet

Set the Face ID and Touch ID (for iOS) or Face Unlock and Fingerprint (for Android) switches to avoid entering a PIN code.

Show in Contacts
Turn it on if you want your phone and email to be visible to other Fashion Wallet users. That will make your friends be able seeing your Crypto Name in their address books.

FAQ и Terms
See Frequently Asked Questions and Answers as well as legal documents like Terms of Use of the Fashion Wallet and Privacy statement on these links.

Congrats! Good luck with your cryptocurrency World!


What is Crypto Name?

In any system, the user needs to identify himself. In the CO: IN platform, users are completely anonymous and are not required to provide their personal data. To start working, you can create a unique and easily readable and pronounced name using letters of any alphabets and emoji.

Such a name is registered in the blockchain "forever" simultaneously with the creation of a cryptocurrency wallet. At the same time, the blockchain stores not the Crypto Name itself, but it's hash, so no one can determine who owns this or that wallet.

The owner of the Crypto Name has the secret private key from the wallet, with which he also confirms his right to the created name.

The Crypto Name you create must have at least two and no more than 25 characters, including a hyphen and emojis. All letters must be lowercase.

What is Mnemonic Pic?

As a standard, crypto wallets use a cryptographic pair (public and private keys). Each of the keys is a long number that is difficult to remember and store. Various methods are used to memorize and securely store such a key, most often "Mnemonic Phrase" - 12 English words, based on which you can re-create a private key.

The CO:IN platform and its applications use an original method of creating a pair of keys from a picture. Any graphic file from your smartphone can be such a "Mnemonic Pic."

It must be remembered that the Mnemonic Pic file should not be altered, compressed, cropped, etc. Otherwise, it will not be able to create the same crucial pair again.

Such a file can be stored on a smartphone among other photos so that no one knows about its "special role." To be safe in case of any damage of the smartphone, formatting, and other losses - you need to create copies of this file and place them in safe places.

Why setting your phone number?

When creating a Crypto Name, users are not required to provide their personal data, so that ensures complete anonymity. CO: IN platform, and the application does not collect any data to identify the user.

However, agree, it is convenient when acquaintances and friends are collected in your address book and there is no need to remember whose name it is. You can make it easier for your friends to send money to you if you specify your phone and email in the settings.

In this case, those who keep your phone number or email in the phone book will have your Crypto Name in their Fashion Wallet address book.

Without this data, no one will know your Crypto Name, as long as you do not inform them.