Innovative solutions for sustainability from Gen Z,
powered by Blockchain technologies
Fashion industry is the third largest polluter of the environment. Fashion Coin aims to assist the brands as well as the clients in the process of transitioning
into sustainable manufacture.
We offer to change everything with the help of a tool of exchange in fashion -
Fashion Coin. Unlike ordinary money, this smart cryptocurrency allows you
to build direct relationships between the seller and buyer, track brand's authenticity, attract investment and for the brand to produce items only on demand.

of Generation Z use two to three gadgets at least once a day
of Generation Z say that if a brand interacts with them on social networks, they are more likely to become loyal customers.
of Generation Z want to be more involved in product development.
Our sustainability strategy:

1. Restore the experience of direct communication with the designer and manufacturer (co-valuation);
2. Experience in creating individual items for each customer (co-creation);
3. Seller-to-consumer relations as the basis for product promotion (co-promotion);
4. Encourage designers to use sustainable materials and packaging via PoL app.

Generation Z consumes in a completely different way. Simplicity and speed are essential. They don't go shopping if they can buy whatever they want using their smartphones. Fashion Coin can provide that via Fashion Wallet, an app that makes 15,000 transactions per second and gives customer an opportunity to establish straightforward connection with a brand.
"What so many of us forget or perhaps don't realize is that sustainability is not just about using bamboo based fibers and slapping the term 'sustainable' on the hang tag. True sustainability comes when the entire supply chain of that bamboo is sustainable".
- Melissa Nataadiningrat, Forbes
200 years
is needed for a polyester fabric
to decompose
1,800 gallons
of water is used to grow enough cotton to produce just one pair of jeans
2,700 liters
of water are needed to make
one cotton shirt
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