Silicon Fashion Conference 2021

NFTs in Fashion and DeFi Venture Capital
Where fashion meets an angel of venture capital
Silicon Fashion Conference 2021 is about the idea of marrying the fashion industry and venture capital. At last designer's fashion entrepreneur's dream has found its embodiment thanks to NFT technology and DeFi financial tools!
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Natalia Kovalenko
Founder of Junior Fashion Week
Daria Shapovalova
Co-founders of DRESSX
Anastasia Rivodeaux
Co-founder of Silicon Fashion
Natalia Modenova
Co-founders of DRESSX
Victoria Zolotova
Co-founder of Silicon Fashion
Teresa Popil
Co-founder of IBeauty
Mariya Terekhova
Founder NFZ Fashion Pitch, Founder New Fashion Zone, co-owner X-Tend Group
Anna Karenina
Сo-founder of Silicon Fashion
Julia Poryadina-Gryvnak
CEO New Fashion Zone
Kazbek Bektursunov
Angel Investor
Saturday, October 23
Sunday, October 24
By purchasing this NFT-ticket, you will receive 10 JFW Coins
To invest into designer's collection during a fashion show at the Junior Fashion Week
KVC "Parkovy"/Parkova road, 16a
October 23 - 24
To clarify information about the conference, contact us