An angel is haunting the old fashion system, the angel of venture capitalism.
Today, creators are forced to hide their talents in this old-fashioned and carbon-based system that was formed in the last century. An economic model of this system can never be carbon neutral right because it is carbon-based. The only advice our angel can give to the representatives of the old CARBON FASHION: SELL LESS!

The angel of venture capitalism finds no place within Carbon Fashion because:
  • its capital today is the dead labor of previous generations of creators, which comes to life like a vampire only when it absorbs the living creative labor of younger generations
  • it destroys the environment unstoppably, and none of angels sees a future here, despite all the tricks of greenwashing
  • fashion has lost its creative energy for the sake of marketing gimmicks, respectively, the possibility of explosive scaling-up for new startups disappears
  • designers, entrepreneurs and new businesses are not state-of-the-art startups in the modern business environment
  • products of high fashion are not available to younger generations, while they are the largest generation of customers
  • the old fashion system is technologically unpromising and is in contradiction with the new huge and most promising fashion territory - the metaverse. For the old-fashioned system, all innovation is at best shallow marketing and flirting with Generation Z
Instead of the old Carbon Fashion, Generation Z is building a new, Silicon Fashion, by analogy with the entire infrastructure of Silicon Valley: from startups and venture capitalists to the colonisation of the Metaverse and the financial instruments of the fashion stock exchange. The mission of Silicon Fashion is to attract venture capital, return fashion to its living creative energy, minimise environmental pollution, and begin the fashionable colonisation of the metaverse.

New decentralized and social money is needed to build new creativity and cooperation, for fashionable colonisation of the metaverse. Each creator or each brand will issue their own social creative money in the form of collectible coins or notes with smart contracts (NFTs+DeFi). In addition to being collectible, social creative money is unique:
- to be a means of payment for both Hardwear (fashion pieces in the physical world) and Softwear (fashion pieces in the metaverse).
  • customize all sorts of payments: cashback, payment by installments, subscription mode, co-creation and co-promotion on the part of the customer, any other loyalty programs that allow to stop overproduction
  • to make the provenance and history of fashion pieces transparent on the blockchain in order to encourage cycling and up-cycling
  • raise capital at the initial issue of brand's social and creative money and their further placement on the fashion currency exchange
  • to form a community of a new type, a community of creators and brands angel
State-of-the-art DeFi and NFT technologies help build the Silicon Fashion financial infrastructure. Blockchain is the new black and in block we trust!.

On the horizon of fashion is the colonisation of the metaverse by decentralized boys and girls, decentralized avatars of any type. Style is a Person wherever it happens to be, so everyone can create, improve, develop their Persona in different metaverses and in the physical world in a unique style.
Fashion pieces as NFTs in the metaverses are not only a huge new market, they are a way of colonising and civilizing these new metaverses.

To facilitate and accelerate the transition from Carbon to Silicon Fashion, we are launching an acceleration program in which creators learn about the new fashion economy and its new technologies.
  • A designer, entrepreneur in the fashion world must become modern and have a startuper's mindset in order for their interaction with an angel venture capitalist to be the most efficient and scalable.
  • Upon completion of the acceleration program, each creator attends a Demo Day - Angel Fashion Week show. In this new format, the guests of fashion shows, in whatever form and wherever they take place, are angels and venture investors.

  • We will help new creators set up their initial capital based on state-of-the-art technology and their creativity. The first step is to build a reputation and release NFT-lookbooks of designers and brands with the support of decentralized capital in Silicon Fashion.
Creators from all over the world of fashion, accelerate! The future is here and you have nothing to lose except your Angel!