CO-Creative Innovation Network COIN

Based on the Proof-of-Love algorithm with the principle of seamless connection:

  • cryptographic consensus by validator entrepreneurs
  • value creation (and coin emission) by the end user
  • entrepreneurial approach of creative destruction to launch new onchain projects without special knowledge and with using a decentralized network of crypto names
  • steganographic protection of privacy in addition to cryptographic




Instead of the inconvenient standard of generating a pair of private keys from a mnemonic phrase (12-15 words) according to BIP39, the COIN blockchain provides the possibility to use of a closer for Gen Z image. The image can be copied and saved in a convenient location, all the time the same key pair will be generated from that image.

Proof-of-love is a hybrid algorithm of decentralized consensus that validates nodes to support the network and millions of decentralized issuers of FC. The basic mechanism for creating creative value and capital.

Crypto Name allows hundreds of millions of users to get a unique, easy-understandable for people and attractive name on the COIN blockchain (with Bitcoin anchoring)

The basic mechanism for Creating Creative Value and Capital

Proof-of-Love DApp is an application with an end-user reward system for creating and promoting a creative product. It is the collaboration place for p2p interaction between the creator and the customer, where he will be able to purchase Fashion Coin at a fair price (to purchase in a FSHN will be always cheaper than in Fiat).