Tattoo Collection Kyiv 2021
The world's first festival with NFT tickets
On June 25-27, a tattoo festival was held at the art plant platform. The uniqueness of the festival is that tickets for it were sold through NFT. Anyone who bought an NFT ticket could exchange it for a drink at a bar or get their first tattoo.

Tattoo Collection is the largest professional tattoo festival in the country, which has been held in the capital of Ukraine for 16 years and annually gathers thousands of fans, not only from Ukraine, but also from all over the world. Each visitor to the Tattoo Collection has their own reasons: some come to meet the masters and get new tattoos, others - to see thousands of unique tattoos and demonstrate their own. For the masters, the festival is a kind of summing up the results in the industry for a year: here you can get acquainted with the existing styles, trends and technologies of modern tattooing, listen to professional master classes and lectures and, of course, compete for the main award of the tattoo world - the Golden Machine C
Every year, masters from Ukraine, Poland, Germany, France, Slovenia, Italy, Turkey, Belarus fight for the right to become the best, while visitors watch how eminent tattoo artists create their drawings in real time.

For three days, the Tattoo Collection hosts awards for the best works and various activities for visitors: lectures, master classes, a market, a photo zone, a fire show and much more.

This year's festival was unique in that tickets were sold as NFT tokens. Everyone could purchase a choice of 2 types of tickets: a traditional ticket or a ticket in the form of an NFT token. Such a ticket gives the following advantages: 1. Entrance to the festival on one of three days 2. Participation in the drawing of 100 free tattoos 3. Participation in the quest 4. Surprises from sponsors and partners. Also, your ticket can be exchanged for any drink at the bar.

We paid special attention to tattoo artists. For them, NFT is a new opportunity to earn money and attract new customers. Each master, before getting a tattoo on a human body, makes a sketch of it. But what if this sketch can be sold several more times? Or a person is not sure that he wants to get a tattoo now, but is ready to pay in advance and get a tattoo on some day. Each tattoo artist can post his sketch on the social network and get new clients right now