Fashion Coin
Dear friends, we are happy to announce the launch of the first NFT social network Proof-of-Love ❤️
Proof-of-Love promotes two basic principles:
- Everyone is an artist
- Everyone is a Central Bank
Now everyone can create, exhibit, and sell NFTs to take part in universal creative capital and generate passive income through proofs-of-love (instead of «likes» of old social media).
In honor of this, DAO CypherBank announces $25 000 prizes to creators to incentivize the creative destruction of old-fashioned fiat system!
More surprises and gifts to come this month - stay tuned.
1st place - $ 2,000
2nd place - $ 1,000 for two people
3rd place - for $ 500 for 3 people
4th place - $ 100 for 10 people
5th place - $ 50 for 20 people
1. Subscribe to our Twitter
2. Subscribe to our Telegram
3. Subscribe to our Discord
4. Retweet.
5. Comment and tag 3 friends using #proofoflove hashtag on Twitter
6. Sign up at the platform. How to do it read here
7. Create NFTs and put the tag #proofoflove in the description
At least 1 NFT of every participant will be bought by DAO CypherBank itself. To participate please follow these step-by-step rules:
The number of Proofs of an NFT will determine the winning ones.
The number of Proofs of an account in Bio will determine the winner.
Step-by-step Guide to #proofoflove contest and giveaway