Pure p2p electronic cash for mass use by Generation Z
Today cryptocurrency solutions have surpassed the financial instruments of the institutions effectively replacing them. However, the blockchain world is still catastrophically limited for penetration into real markets.
However, cryptocurrencies remain a development understood by a limited few - mainly technical geeks and subsequently the financial benefit of cryptocurrency has remained in the hands of these amateur traders and has not been able to win the status of a real payment instrument.
The modern world is crying out for a technological response to the growing demands of those at the center of contemporary life (predominantly Millennials and Generation Z) to build relationships with each other in horizontal P2P communications.

key advantages of FSHN vs
other existing cryptocurrency:

a. speed
b. scalability
c. simple to use

key advantages of FSHN
vs any fiat money:

a. FSHN prices are lower – p2p excludes
intermediaries and agents
b. FSHN can be mined by anyone by
convertingown social activity and
capital into value
c. FSHN makes p2p project investing easy
Blockchain in the nearest future will be geared towards real consumers but also focused on the creators of the final product

is the first cryptocurrency with smart contacts for people: it's user friendly , easy for mining, easy to spend, easy for launching business

Which will be available for new projects and initiatives to use Fashion Coin as means of payment

A clear wallet for coins, available for easy exchange of cryptocurrency for cryptocurrency, with fiat money and to purchase with FSHN.

In order to run three key measurements of DLT-technology and our protocol Proof-of-Love, the Project team takes responsibility for the launch of three key DApps:

Where each user is a miner :
- post your content, share the beauty and earn FSHN for your content
- share your content with other social networks and earn
- run personal and business accounts
- get free statistics for consumer preferences

Purchase with FSHN is always more favorable:
- customize and personalise your goods directly with the manufacturer
- get fair price on purchase in FSHN with more than 30% discount
- pay partly using statistics of earnings in PoL

- invest in favorite designers, earn and receive benefits as the investor
- regular crowdsale twice a year among
150 fashion weeks worldwide

Blockchain Fashion Coin
Artificial intelligence (AI)
To achieve widespread decentralization and to attract tens of millions of users - miners we created a new protocol Proof-of-Love (PoL).

Based on Proof-of-Love protocol that is written in Rust programming language (high level of safety and productivity - 10 000 transactions per second). To protect our blockchain from fraud, the hash is periodically fixed in today's most secure database ie. blockchain Bitcoin. Our own protocol of consensus, withstands Byzantine node behaviour and guarantees that at one moment only one version of blockchain be verified

- controls and distributes coins within the system, monitors price fluctuations to correct;
- projects number of coins to be minted by each account,
- based on projections makes decision to credit account to make purchase within the system;
- makes decision regarding reward size depending on volume of issued coins to market/ amount of accounts/new issue projections.

With the help of protocol Proof-of-Love a unique, legible and attractive name is created for each user on blochchain.

Fashion Coin is to become a gate into DTL system for anyone, where each personal account is decentralized (issue, distribution and use of coins is widely used). To avoid any chaos we have pre-set names of 20m brands, registered under the Madrid system (WIPO)
Crypto name

Fashion Coin (FSHN)

Fashion Wallet
Youthquake Salesplatform
Unicorn Investplatform
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