Fashion Coin Ecosystem

The first industry that will make blockchain fashionable and useful everyday practice - will be fashion.
Blockchain in the near future will be geared towards
real consumers but also focused on the creators
of the final product

The modern world is crying out for a technological response to the growing demands of those at the center of contemporary life (predominantly Millennials and Generation Z) to build relationships with each other in horizontal P2P communications.

However, cryptocurrencies remain a development understood by a limited few - mainly technical geeks and subsequently the financial benefit of cryptocurrency has remained in the hands of these amateur traders and has not been able to win the status of a real payment instrument.

Today, cryptocurrency solutions have surpassed the financial instruments of the institutions effectively replacing them. However, the blockchain world is still catastrophically limited for penetration into real markets.
Basic Services
PoL (Proof-of-Love)
Multi-brand online store for coins
Platform for micro investment in fashion
Social media platform for coins
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