Being totally centralized the System of Fashion of today was coined in 50-s and 60-s and is so out-of-date that we can easily label it as 'Old Fashioned System' (OFS). Regardless of what different participants in the OFS say, the primary reason it is outdated is the final customer's buying experience and behavior is 10 years ahead of what traditional retailers offer. Even contemporary e-commerce in based on the Old-Fashioned System of production, delivery, media coverage, wholesale, retail etc. Wholesale is dying out faster than demand is growing in new markets (like China, India, Iran, Indonesia, other emerging markets and last but not least - new Generation Z customers).


The Old Fashion System is overly centralized, slow and running out of creative steam across all sectors. From material supply and production; at the wholesale, PR, and retailers level; with banks and governmental regulations; to the numerous smaller players entering the market. The result of this centralization is time-wasting and leads to a loss of quality and exaggerated mark-ups. It is fast becoming an unsustainable way of operating. The greatest loss is that of what makes fashion: creativity, freedom, and originality. Those three points are encapsulated in one word 'LOVE' as Anna K as the inventor of Fashion Coin 

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We are introducing a new fashion 'ecosystem' based on peer-to-peer (p2p) principles. The final customer should be connected to a designer (or any other creative people like stylists, models, and photographers) directly on a basis of trust. The final customer should play a key role in the process of creation (co-creation and customization); p2p promotion; co-pricing (paying less for being involved more); and in something quite innovative - co-investing.


    The new Fashion Coin (FC) eco-system includes:

    1. Fashion Coins as a cryptocurrency specifically for the industry. It will be as easy and creative as Instagram (but more safe).

    2. FC-commerce platform for sales using p2p methods.

    3. FC will offer a platform for seasonal investment in collections, including fashion weeks and media and links to sales platforms.

    4. Connection to the ecosystem of supply companies (factories, warehouses, material suppliers, PR, and direct contracts).


    What does the world fashion industry get from the FC-system:

    1. A rebirth of true creativity in fashion (a renaissance that has occurred only twice with the advent of Chanel and Rei Kawakubo). It's time for a designer like Anna K to bring about a similar fashion revolution.

    2. True sustainability.

    3. Direct connections between different countries.

  • What new FC customers get:

    1. An easy entrance ticket into the world of fashion.

    2. An easy and convenient ticket into the Blockchain world.


What is Fashion Coin?

Fashion Coin is the new cryptocurrency made for new and open Fashion Coin eco-system 

When Fashion Coin will be available?

We are going to launch Fashion Coin in February 2018