We are launching an Initial Creation of Capital Program for Fashion Designers and Brands. To support young designers, we are allocating FSHN 10 Billion FSHN in face value of NFT LOOKBOOKS, which will allow fashion creators to generate FSHN 1 trillion FSHN worth of creative capital! This capital will be distributed among the first 1000 designers worldwide!
Intellectual property protection
Protect intellectual property of design solutions directly on blockchain, the most reliable resource today, in the form of NFT.
Create primary creative capital
Create primary creative capital and reputation within the community on the blockchain
Direct reward
Be rewarded by their fans and community directly in the form of proofs
Selling digital goods
Have an opportunity to sell their creative products in the form of NFTs for collectors
Be seen on the radars of the world's first fashion accelerator SILICON FASHION and pass the initial selection
FASHION MINT and crowdfunding
have an opportunity to literally mint their own creative coins with the aim of selling them to collectors and, last but not least, to conduct crowdfunding with the help of NFT-based designer's COINS
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