How to create NFT on the Proof-of-Love Social Network
To create NFT, you need to have an account on
NFT is a unique digital item. You can create, exhibit, and sell NFTs on Proof-of-Love Social Network.
More about NFT
1. Press the + button on the menu bar at the bottom.
2. Press DOWLOAD and choose the file you want to upload as NFT.
How to create NFT:
️Maximum file size is 100MB. Each file can be uploaded as NFT only once, and cannot be re-loaded into the system.
3. Enter the NFT name in the Title field.
4. Enter a description for the NFT in the Description field.
5. By default, the system automatically assigns Face value: 1,000 FSHN and Collectible value: 100,000 FSHN NFT. Optionally you can increase the values of your NFT.
* Face value is the amount of Fashion Coin that the user fixes in the NFT creating it. The amount is deducted from the balance of the user's wallet.
* Collectible value is the price the NFT can be purchased by other users.
Face value cannot exceed Collectible value more than 100 times.
6. Press PREVIEW to see what your NFT looks like after publishing.
7. Press MINT to create your NFT.
8. In the CHECKOUT window, check the data.
9. If everything suits you, press MINT.
10. Select MY COLLECTION to go to your account in the CREATION section.
Congratulations, you have created an NFT!