New Fashion Zone 2021

VII International
Young Designers Contest

powered by Fashion Coin
August 16 - November 5, 2021 - Open Call and posting sketches for participation in contest on the NFT social network Proof-of-Love

November 6, 2021 - awarding of the winners as part of Junior Fashion Week
in partnership with Proof-of-Love and Fashion Coin
We are announcing the start of the VII International Young Designers Contest New Fashion Zone SS / 22 powered by Fashion Coin, together with our partner Proof-of-Love.

Today, the fashion world is changing very quickly, and young designers are at the head of these changes. Digital creativity, community priority, sustainability - this is what the future of fashion is about!

This year, the New Fashion Zone SS / 22 competition for young designers, as well as voting for the winners, will be held on the blockchain!
How to create NFT-sketches
Sketch your next SS / 22 collection or any future collection. To express the idea of your collection, you need to create and submit at least 6 NFT-sketches.
At least 6 images of the collection in the form of NFT sketches
  • 1 sketch = 1NFT
  • Size of 1 file (for NFT upload) up to 100 MB
  • File formats: jpeg, png, gif, mp4, webm, mov
Moodboard collection - at least 1 NFT image
  • 1 Moodboard = 1 or more NFTs
  • Size of 1 file (for NFT upload) up to 100 MB
  • File format: jpeg, png, gif, mp4, webm, mov
Fill out the form and we will contact you!
How to participate in the competition:
Create NFT-sketches of your collection
👀 Your vision of the fashion of the next SS / 22 season or the fashion of the future
Create your account on NFT-social network Proof-of-Love
☝️How to create an account:
Mint NFT-sketches with a minimum Face Value $1(commensurate with FSHN)
🖼 Mint NFT with your unique sketches. And in order for them to be provided with financial value, you need to fill them with at least $1. And these are your first steps towards a decentralized blockchain economy.
☝️How to mint NFT:
Mint NFT - collection thumbnails and set the Face Value and Creative Value of each of your NFTs with the obligatory addition of #nfzcontest2021 in the description for each NFT.
People's Choice:
NFT-sketches most proved by community
🏆The winner here is the one whose NFT-sketches will collect the maximum amount of Proof (monetized proofs instead of traditional "likes").

🗳Each collection is evaluated separately, based on the sum of proofs of all NFT-sketches in this collection.

📱How proofs are credited and how to proof another participant's NFT -
Most Wanted:
NFT-Sketches sold for the highest price
🏅The winner is determined by the maximum amount sold for a specific NFT collection.
Pure Creativity:
Experts' choice of NFT-sketches
😎Among the experts of the competition - international experts of the Fashion industry.

🧐 The expert selects 10 favorite collections and distributes from 1 to 10 points among them (that is, if the expert considers a particular collection promising and he liked it most from a professional point of view, he awards it 10 points, and accordingly distributes the remaining 9 points)

👆Each expert has from 1 to 10 points, which he distributes among all participants of the Competition (initiation of competitive works - according to # nfzcontest2021).
The winner in this nomination will receive
1 000 FUSD
The winner in this nomination will receive
3 000 FUSD
The winner in this nomination will receive
2 000 FUSD
People's Choice
Most Wanted
Pure Creativity
The winner of the totality of all nominations will be posted on DRESSX
1 000 USD
Special prize from DRESSX
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