How proofs are considered ?
1. Log in to your account
2. Select NFT you want to proof
3. Click on the Red Heart under NFT or open NFT and the system will automatically proof NFT
1. Each member of the Proof-of-Love social network can proof the value he likes (NFT)
2. One can supply not more than 100 proofs per day
3. Proofs are accrued by the system under a smart contract from the system wallet.
4. Fashion Coin go straight to the wallet of the owner of the NFT
5. The value of a proof depends on the total Face Value of the prover and the Face value of NTF proved.
How proofs are considered:
Example: Alice is the owner (not necessarily the author) of NFT with a Face Value of 10,000 FSHN (x5), Creative Value 100,000 FSHN (does not affect). Bob is the owner of several NTFs with a Total Value of 333,000 FSHN (x6).
«ob proved this NTF. Alice will receive 5 x 6 = 30 FSHN