How to buy NFT?
To buy an NFT on the Proof-of-Love platform:
1. Sign in to your proof-of-love account.
2. Select the NFT you want to buy.
3. Press BUY and confirm your purchase.
4. Click NEXT
5. You can increase the Face value* and Collectible value* of the purchased NFT or keep them the same.
* Face value is the amount of Fashion Coin that the user fixes in the NFT creating it. The amount is deducted from the balance in his wallet.
* Collectible value is the price the NFT can be purchased by other users.
Face value cannot exceed the Collectible value more than 100 times.

6. Press DONE.
7. To confirm the change of the values, press YES; otherwise, press NO.
8. Press NEXT.
The purchased NFTs appear in your account under the COLLECTION section.
Congratulations! You have bought NFT!